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  • Gopal P. Sarma, et al. “OpenWorm: overview and recent advances in integrative biological simulation of Caenorhabditis elegans.” Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London. Series B, Biological Sciences 373.1758 (2018).[Journal]
  • Gopal P. Sarma, Nick J. Hay, and Adam Safron, “AI Safety and Reproducibility: Establishing Robust Foundations for the Neuropsychology of Human Values.” International Conference on Computer Safety, Reliability, and Security, pp. 507-512 (2018) [Proceedings][Preprint]
  • Gopal Sarma and Victor Faundez, “Integrative biological simulation praxis: Considerations from physics, philosophy, and data/model curation practices”, Cellular Logistics 7(4) (2017). [Journal]
  • Gopal P. Sarma and Nick J. Hay, “Robust Computer Algebra, Theorem Proving, and Oracle AI”, Informatica 41(3) (2017). [Journal][Preprint]
  • Gopal P. Sarma, “Brief Notes on Hard Takeoff, Value Alignment, and Coherent Extrapolated Volition” (2017). [Preprint]
  • Gopal P. Sarma, “Doing Things Twice (Or Differently): Strategies to Identify Studies for Targeted Validation” (2017). [Preprint]
  • Gopal P. Sarma, “Scientific Literature Text Mining and the Case for Open Access”, The Journal of Open Engineering (2017). [Journal]
  • Gopal P. Sarma, “Collecting Systematic, Introspective Reports of Pharmacological Effects and Side-Effects” (2016). [Preprint]
  • Gopal P. Sarma and Nick J. Hay, “Mammalian Value Systems”, Informatica 41(3) (2017). [Journal][Preprint]
  • Gopal Sarma, “Reductionism and the Universal Calculus”, submitted (2016). [Preprint]
  • Gopal Sarma, “Scientific Auditing Firms”, Progress 05(2016). [Journal]
    (A shorter version of this article is available at Economic and Social Impacts of Innovation 05(2016). [Journal][Preprint])
  • Gopal Sarma, “Training Scientific Generalists: Response to Comments and Additional Thoughts”, The Winnower 05(2016). [Journal]
  • Gopal Sarma, “Is There Value in Training Scientific Generalists For Positions at the Edge of Academia?”, The Winnower 03(2016). [Journal]
  • Gopal P. Sarma, Travis W. Jacobs, Mark D. Watts, S. Vahid Ghayoomie, Stephen D. Larson, and Rick C. Gerkin, “Unit Testing, Model Validation, and Biological Simulation”, F1000Research 5:1946 (2016). [Journal][Preprint]
  • Gopal Sarma, “A simple technique to record mental events,” Journal of Consciousness Studies 22(7-8) (2015). [Journal]
  • Gopal Sarma, “Should We Train Scientific Generalists?”, The Winnower 01(2016). [Journal][Preprint]
  • Gopal Sarma, “Reconsidering Written Language”, Interdisciplinary Description of Complex Systems 13(3) (2015). [Journal][Preprint]
  • Gopal Sarma, “The Art of Memory and the Growth of the Scientific Method”, Interdisciplinary Description of Complex Systems 13(3) (2015). [Journal][Preprint]
  • Gopal Sarma, Engineering Quantum Systems with Coherent Feedback Control, PhD thesis, Stanford University (2013).
  • Gopal Sarma and Hideo Mabuchi, “Gauge subsystems, separability, and robustness in autonomous quantum memories,” New Journal of Physics 15, 035014 (2013). [Journal][Preprint]
  • Gopal Sarma, Ryan Hamerly, Nikolas Tezak, Dmitri S. Pavlichin, and Hideo Mabuchi, “Transformation of photonic circuit models by term-rewriting,” IEEE Photonics 5, 1 (2013). [Journal][Preprint]
  • Nikolas Tezak, Armand Niederberger, Dmitri S. Pavlichin, Gopal Sarma and Hideo Mabuchi, “Specification of photonic circuits using Quantum Hardware Description Language,” Phil. Trans. Roy. Soc. A 370 5270-5290 (2012). [Journal][Preprint]
  • Gopal Sarma, Andrew Silberfarb, and Hideo Mabuchi, “A quantum stochastic calculus approach to modeling double-pass atom-field coupling,” Phys. Rev. A 78, 025801, (2008). [Journal][Preprint]
  • Luc Bouten, John Stockton, Gopal Sarma and Hideo Mabuchi, “Scattering of polarized laser light by an atomic gas in free space: a QSDE approach,” Phys. Rev. A 75, 052111, (2007). [Journal][Preprint]

Invited Talks

  • “Integrative Biological Simulation, Neuropsychology, and AI Safety.” DeepMind AGI Safety Luncheon @ NeurIPS. Montreal, 2018.
  • “Building smart applications.” Panel discussion with developers from Wolfram Research and IBM Watson. RoboUniverse Conference & Expo. New York, 2015.
  • “The importance of data curation.” Ontario Brain Institute Brain-CODE Workshop on Neuroinformatics. Toronto, 2014.
  • “QHDL: A Quantum Hardware Description Language for Nanophotonics.” Stanford Photonics Research Center. Palo Alto, 2011.