About me

Gopal Sarma
MD Candidate, Emory University School of Medicine
PhD inĀ Applied Physics, Stanford University
AB inĀ Mathematics, Harvard University
Email: gopalsarma [at] outlook [dot] com
Other: [GitHub] [ORCID] [GoogleScholar]

My background is in mathematics, physics, data science, and software engineering. After completing my PhD at Stanford and prior to joining the Emory University School of Medicine, I worked for several years as a software engineer for Wolfram Research. I am currently pursuing a medical education with the conviction that the degree of specialization in modern science and its accelerated growth in recent decades has created an urgent need for broadly educated scientists with training in multiple subjects at the graduate level. Ultimately, my aim is to shape the ongoing evolution of scientific and intellectual culture in order to responsibly guide ethical and humane use of increasingly sophisticated science and technology.

Philosophically, I view the world from the vantage point of the long-term future and the consequences that present-day actions will have many years and decades from now. I am strongly motivated to think critically about global issues that may not materialize in the near-term, whether the multi-generational impact of the structure of graduate education and the training of scientists, or the long-term implications of genetic engineering and artificial intelligence.

Practically, I am interested in frontier research at the intersection of biophysics, computational modeling, and clinical neurology. I also have long-standing interests in philosophy of mind, meditation, and efforts to bridge mechanistic models of the brain with our subjective experience of the mind. In addition, I am broadly interested in the history and philosophy of science, the origins of scientific thought, and the organizational and cultural issues confronting the biomedical sciences as a result of widespread automation and computational methods.