About Me

Gopal P. Sarma MD, PhD
MD, Emory University School of Medicine
PhD in Applied Physics, Stanford University
AB in Mathematics, Harvard University
Email: gopalsarma [at] outlook [dot] com
Other: [GitHub][LinkedIn][Twitter:@gopalpsarma]

I’m a physician-scientist, software engineer, and AI safety researcher. I serve as a full-time scientific advisor to the Models, Inference, and Algorithms Initiative at the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard.

I am interested in all aspects of the intersection of the life sciences with software engineering and artificial intelligence. My vision is for the life sciences to not only be consumers of AI technologies, but to fundamentally drive the development of new algorithms, insights, and architectures. To that end, I collaborate with scientists, policy makers, health care professionals, engineers, machine learning experts and others to develop organizational strategies aimed at advancing the emerging interface between biomedicine and artificial intelligence. In parallel, I actively work with experts in the fields of AI safety, AI ethics, and AI governance. My collaborators and I are deeply involved in understanding the societal implications of highly autonomous software and robotic systems with a view towards developing appropriate safeguards and regulatory frameworks to ensure the safety of widely deployed AI technologies. Related issues I am currently pursuing include avenues for modernizing the training of physician-scientists, methodologies for ensuring the reproducibility of research results across the life sciences, and leveraging an understanding of scientific and technological history to develop practical strategies for increasing organizational innovation.