About me

Gopal Sarma
MD Candidate, Emory University School of Medicine
PhD inĀ Applied Physics, Stanford University
AB inĀ Mathematics, Harvard University
Email: gopalsarma [at] outlook [dot] com
Other: [GitHub][GoogleScholar][ScientificGeneralists.org]

I’m a scientist, programmer, and physician-in-training.

My background is in mathematics, physics, data science, and software engineering. After completing my PhD at Stanford and prior to joining the Emory University School of Medicine, I worked for several years as a software engineer for Wolfram Research. My educational and career trajectory has largely been motivated by an interest in metascience, the systematic study of science itself, with a view towards understanding broad scientific trends and their policy implications. I am particularly interested in global issues that may not materialize in the near-term, whether the multi-generational impact of the structure of graduate education and the training of scientists, or the long-term implications of genetic engineering and artificial intelligence.