About me

Gopal Sarma
MD Candidate, Emory University School of Medicine
PhD in Applied Physics, Stanford University
AB in Mathematics, Harvard University
Email: gopalsarma [at] outlook [dot] com
Other: [GitHub][GoogleScholar][ScientificGeneralists.org]

I’m a scientist, programmer, and physician-in-training.

My background is in mathematics, physics, data science, and software engineering. After completing my PhD at Stanford and prior to joining the Emory University School of Medicine, I worked for several years as a software engineer for Wolfram Research. My educational and career trajectory has largely been motivated by an interest in understanding and shaping the impact of software systems and artificial intelligence on society.

I am interested in a wide array of contemporary issues ranging from privacy and surveillance, bias and discrimination arising in machine learning systems, and the use of computational modeling and data science in biomedicine. I am also actively involved in researching long-term issues in AI safety, AI ethics, and AI governance related to the development of superintelligence. I have worked with underserved populations through the alcohol and narcotics rehabilitation programs at the Salvation Army in Cambridge, MA as well as Grady Memorial Hospital, the VA Hospital, Emory University Hospital, and multiple outpatient clinics in Atlanta, GA. I have built significant components of commercial and open-source software systems. I collaborate with scientists, policy makers, health care professionals and others to ensure that artificial intelligence and software systems are humanely designed and organically integrated into the culture and operating frameworks of existing organizations.